Custom design.

Add foil area, adjust setting angle, add winglets, fin box offset and other options. Modern composite technology provides much flexibility to make any dream fin, foil or combination real.

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model 2018-winglets

Correctly positioned with hydrodynamic profiles winglets. This model prevents spinouts just as good as model 2017-700 but compact in size. Easy to transport and use in shallow waters. 50% more lift compared to model 2018 due to more wing area and reduction of induced drag thanks to the winglets. If you experience spinouts, winglets is a good solution without increase of the fin envelope. (Winglets are available on all models at $100.00 extra)

12-inch deep

13-inch wingspan

S-Glass: $450.00

Carbon: $590.00

MODEL 2017-700

See video on 98 cm wide board here....

Available with any fin depth (depending on application) .

Carbon: $549.00. Structural glass: $449.00


L-fins work well for high speed due to small wing size. Because the wing is small it does not have to spread on both sides of the fin. One side wing is just 5-10 cm resulting in vertical force offset for as little as 2-4cm - hardly noticeable. Advantages: good with weeds, compact, low drag. L-fin has lower drag compare to T-fin because L-foil has lower drag compare to T-foil.

Fin profile can be shaped symmetrical or non symmetrical. Non symmetrical profile gives advantage in one direction by cost of performance in opposite direction - used in speed racing. Left or Right. Custom sizes. Tuttle or Power-box.

Carbon: $299.00 Structural glass: $199.00

Model April 2018

Custom depth: up to 60 cm. Carbon: $550.00. Structural glass: $450.00

Video on Formula board at light wind here...

model april 2018 winglets

Winglets prevent spinouts and reduce indused drag.

Carbon $650.00. S-Glass $550.00

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