Case study

The pictures tell you a recent story in simplified graphics. Note the fast speed of the windsurfer with FRPGear hydrofoil Fly-Fin, while the same windsurfer with a traditional fin can not even go. The secret of this dramatic difference is FRPGear Fly-Fin.

FRPGEAR Fly-Fin and traditional fin perform very similar during strong wind.

You can see on this picture Fly-Fin lifts the whole board up (not just the behind of the board). Water meets the Fly-Fin equipped board behind the mast—similar to the traditional fin board on the right. Notice that Fly-Fin sailor is standing in front of the foot straps. This indicates that Fly-Fin board goes faster with the wind and the sail feels light. 20 knots wind for Fly-Fin equipped board feels like 15 knots for a traditional fin board.

The wind died very fast when the traditional fin windsurfer was about a mile away.

Traditional fin makes it very difficult to go upwind if not on planing.

FRPGEAR’s Fly-Fin keeps you sailing well up wind at any wind speed.

The traditional fin sailor is walking back to the beach and fly-fin sailor is planing.

It is a good idea to have Fly-Fin while on vacation so you can have more planing days when vacation time is limited.

It is a good idea for windsurfing rentals to offer Fly-Fins in order to do more rental business during light-wind seasons.

Fly-Fin equipped windsurfer is faster compare to a kite foiler.

The sailor who goes home is using a traditional fin. The sailor who keeps planing is using Fly-Fin.

No need to use different boards for different wind conditions. Just use different Fly-Fins with your smallest board for better results.

Sailors who cannot get on planing are wondering why is one windsurfer still planing fast. People in the car cannot see Fly-Fin.

Fly-Fin looks simple but it took over 40 years to make it work right.

The pictures show carbon fiber exterior layer with UV epoxy coat. After abrasive use in sand you can easily refinish the surface by wet sanding and finished polishing.

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