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Hydrofoil Material

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This design can be used for light wind planing (Fly-Fin mode) or in a conventional hydrofoil mode. Indeed it delivers smooth transition from light wind planing into a light wind flight and in reverse depending on immediate situation and desire.

This YouTube video shows a comparison against a traditional windsurfer at light wind:

September 28, 2018. Testing a novel foil design Model Koryaga.

October 8, 2018. Compare to Light Wind Windsurfing.

Package includes: Fly-Fin Foil platform 70 cm deep (select: Tuttle, Power, plate or other), 900 sq.cm. wing or custom. Horizontal tail. The same Fly_Fin platform can be used for windsurfing, kiteboarding, SUP. The platform is adjustable along the board within 30 cm back and forward. No need to adjust angles or move foot straps. Up to 120 cm deep custom configuration is available. ‚Äč

fly-fin hydrofoil highlights

- Good for a smaller boards - easy handling.
- Use it for early planing or go for a flight above water.
- Easy to control because of high stiffness.
- Light wind friendly. See our light wind videos.
- Stable design for safe flights. No stall. No rodeo.
- Easy to install into existing fin box. No need to reinforce due to low loads.
- Easy to adjust. Entire assembly moves along the board for 40 cm.

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