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Hydrofoil Material

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This design can be used for light wind planing (Fly-Fin mode) or in a conventional hydrofoil mode. Indeed it delivers smooth transition from light wind planing into a light wind flight and in reverse depending on immediate situation and desire.

This YouTube video shows a comparison against a traditional windsurfer at light wind:

August 23, 2018. Big waves, light wind compared to an experienced windsurfer.

Package includes: Fly-Fin Foil platform 70 cm deep (select: Tuttle, Power, plate or other), One main wing: select 500, 800, 1200 or custom. Horizontal tail with your custom sizes and offset from the main wing. Main wing can be set at different offsets forward to find the perfect balance. Horizontal tail can be set at required offset back (more offset - more stability and speed). The same Fly_Fin platform can be used for windsurfing, kiteboarding, SUP. Just need to use required offset (or no offset) wings. Up to 120 cm deep configuration is available with down offset wings similar to the design of T-shaped Fly-Fin. Deeper positioned T-shaped Fly-Fin wings may benefit demanding requirements for drag reduction because of lower frontal area of FRPGear Fly-Fin T-Shape compact and smooth mast/wing interface compared to the traditional mast/screws/fuselage/screws/wing design.

Overall Fly_Fin Foil platform offers a universal solution for the variety of popular foiling options.

fly-fin hydrofoil highlights

- Reasonably priced.
- Use it for early planing or go for a flight above water.
- Easy to fly. See our videos of learning.
- Light wind friendly. See our light wind videos.
- Stable design for safe flights. No stall. No rodeo.
- Easy to install into existing fin box. No need to reinforce due to low loads.
- Fewer parts to assemble. Reliability.
- Compact, but can fly higher due to no stall on stabilizer.
- Introductory 100% refund on all return within 60 days for any reasons.

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