model 2018.

400% better Lift/Drag ratio compared to the existing boards.

Use with existing fin box. No reinforcement is needed due to 8 times lower reaction load compared to the traditional full-scale hydrofoil. 50% less load on fin box compared to the traditional fin because of smaller side area from more efficient fin hydrodynamics.

2018 model size 295-mm x 295-mm. With thinner profile, it makes it almost 50% less frontal area (drag) compared to 700-mm long Formula fin. Smaller 2018 Fly-Fin is better for intermediate sailors because it keeps more of the board attached to water for easy balance.

Free shipping worldwide. $390.00—carbon fibers, $290.00—S-glass fibers. Tuttle or Power box.

Carbon or S-Glass fibers
Tuttle or Power Box

Tuttle box fits both: deep and small Tuttle. Contact us for other boxes.

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