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new Fly-Fin Experience

Planing is promoting reliance upon minimum winds before Fly-Fin invented exceeding expectations. The normal expectations are changing by an increase of efficiency with Fly-Fins. They produce an immediate propulsion. You use Fly-Fin in achieving plane when there is low-wind while all the windsurfers are sitting at home waiting for high-wind because they can’t plane. Other fins become repulsive because Fly-Fin doesn’t require any pumping, any transitioning into plane, any roughness of planing, and any of the drag you are sensing with your traditional equipment. You move unexpectedly quick and effortlessly, but other fins make you move more slowly using the utmost work. From the high lift to drag ratio, there is the earliest planing with minimal hydrodynamic drag. You will never need to use an oversized sail again. You can select your favorite small sail to operate because our models have improved efficiencies.